FPV (First Person View) is the heart of Wild Sky Visuals. This type of drones not only enables capturing stunning 4K resolution footage, but also adds that cinematic touch that makes it exceptional. Furthermore, with its high speed, reaching up to 120 km/h, it allows for recording sports activities.

DJI Mavic 2

This stabilized drone from the renowned brand DJI offers a 4K resolution image. Additionally, with its sensors, it has the ability to fly with complete safety. Furthermore, it features an optical zoom, eliminating the need to get too close to the object and making it less intrusive.

Sony A6400

The Sony Alpha A6400 mirrorless camera with the Sigma 18-50mm lens, paired with the DJI Ronin 3 Mini stabilizer, delivers exceptional ground footage in 4K quality. It enables the capture of stabilized images through the gimbal, and the combination of this camera with drones makes it indispensable.