Adrián Montero

Adrián is an Architect and Filmmaker. In the world of architecture, he specializes in BIM, which he has been working with for the past 4 years. Cameras have always been his passion. When he started traveling, he always carried his GoPro with him. Trying to capture a travel experience in a 2/3-minute video changed the way he traveled. The GoPro's ability to capture more cinematic and action-packed shots transformed his travel experiences. Later, after finishing university and inspired by the Star Wars spaceship races, he decided to build his first FPV drone. That's when he discovered DJI's stabilized drones. Everything changed at that moment - the way he saw the world, the exploration from a bird's-eye view with those cinematic shots led him to specialize primarily in the FPV sector.

Oscar Luque

Oscar is an Architect from UPC and a Filmmaker by passion. He specializes in Urbanism, having gained experience from collaborating with various municipalities, including Palma de Mallorca. Currently, he balances his profession at the College of Architects of les Illes Balears with his work at Wild Sky Visuals, where he undertakes visual projects with FPV drones. He optimizes each project according to the specific requirements (DIY), whether it's for real estate promotions, construction inspections, urban planning, or freestyle tracking. The fusion of both disciplines combines his passion and expertise, resulting in the highest quality in each of his projects.